Here we go again!

I really didn't mean to stop blogging for such a long time.  I had a major life switch.  Here's what happened:

1) I moved 4 times.  Three times to different housing because my apartment kept having mold/SWAT team/toilets backing up into the bathtub and one time BACK ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!!

2) I wrenched my back getting the LM out of the tub and ended up in a wheelchair for a while.

3) I found an amazing manager who will be both East and West coast!!!

4) I am back in San Diego and trying to get ready for LA.

Super excited to get back to the West Coast and to be a family again.

LM is pretty excited to get back to his home again too.


The Swat Team came

So I was running on time for an audition. Early, actually. Got the LM all ready to go, in the carseat and out of the complex we go. Then I ran into this. The SWAT team had blocked off the entrance to my apartment complex. No coming or going. I took a picture just to confirm it. Apparently the housing provided is also appealing to drug makers. I WAS on time. Oh well.


A Walk on the Wildside

We went to a nature preserve.

Confession, I adore the outdoors. Having been raised in Utah with such a rich supply of nature, I feel like its in my blood. When the HH and first moved to NYC, I noticed the extreme deprivation my soul felt from the lack of nature. I know what you are going to say. NYC, tons of parks, beautifully landscaped. I'm sorry. It isn't the same as stepping out your door and being surrounded by nature.

As actors, we tend to live in metropolis areas. Not a whole ton of work in small cities. But every now and then we get to take a trip to a smaller area where nature is abundant.

And I can breathe.


We got a cold front

It looks like the temperature will pick back up really quickly here, but today it was definitely cold.

But I was prepared. Hey, I grew up in Utah. I know cold. So the LM had everything he needed.

Except the ability to move...


I Promise I watch him...

I pretty much feel like an awful Mom. The LM is always falling down. I watch him closely, I do. It just seems like he is top heavy. Within one month he got a goose egg on his forehead, scratched his nose from landing on his face, split both lips open, gave himself a black eye and countless bruises on his legs.

Please tell me one day his physical agility will catch up with his mind.


Happy New Year!

So the LM broke my computer. He found a glass of water and proudly announced "Wawa" as he poured it right onto the open MacBook. That happened just before Thanksgiving and it costs too much to fix it. From now on I will be posting via my phone.

The year ended with a bang! HH is here for 6 weeks, LM and I booked and shot a commercial, I turned another year older, we had a wonderful Christmas altogether and a quiet New Year.

How have you been?


Number Forty Nine-We Made It!

I'm home.  With my son.  Not with the HH, but it's enough for now.

Oh, and I have an audition back out on the West Coast next week.

So we will be doing this all over again.



Number Forty Eight-Airports

I was bumped from my flight home.

My son is across the country and I can't get to him.

My husband is in a matinee right now and can't get to me.

Time to people watch....


Number Forty Seven-Twelfth Night

The HH was AMAZING in this production of "Twelfth Night".

I am so inspired by the man I married.  He has this incredible hunger and thirst for knowledge.  He is always wanting to make more out of every role he tackles.  He wants to do more, be more, learn more.  He is an amazingly joyous actor to watch.

Thank you, sweetheart, it was an amazing night!